I was just telling someone this weekend, “she’s my antihero, but not for the reasons she thinks she is.” ❤️ my petty queen.

I totally agree with your assessment of the superficiality of Antihero, it’s like “self-loathing” *taylor-made* for TikTok. Her most Midnights-y themed song isn’t even on that album, it’s The Archer. Lines like, “I never grew up, it’s getting so old,” or the long “they see right through me, can you see right through me? I see right through me” those feel vulnerable and ring true, but of course we’ll never really know.

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Jul 17, 2023·edited Jul 17, 2023

I started listening to her after Lover! I constantly question why I am a fan of hers or became a fan. I am always looking for good writing, and in my opinion, she is a skilled writer. She makes certain complex and difficult topics and emotions easy to grasp. “Boys will be boys then. Where are the wise men?” I also like Mean.

I also appreciate that she stands up for other women, including in music. I appreciate her speaking about the sexist archetypes she has broken out of, e.g. being a polite young lady. I hope she continues to speak out about racism. I think she still does not get why Kanye acted the way he did.

Love her or hate her, you cannot ignore the effect she has had on younger artists, music industry, and our culture and society.

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As a huge huge fan of “I Have Never Not Thought About Taylor Swift”, this was such a delight to find that you’re still writing about her!! Also I’m sorry lol!! I often return and reread that bc it so concisely captures the cognitive dissonance I feel in saying I’m a “fan” of her. Like, I’m a scientist of her. I’m a scholar. I’m terrified of her. I’m interested in her as a phenomenon, like you say. I soooo appreciate all the nuance in your writing and in this piece too! You never miss!!

And I’m so sorry but I would absolutely love to hear your thoughts on TTPD 💀 bc I think it’s wild how she’s “ owning up to her mistakes “ there too but it still feels like a victim narrative to some degree. Do you think she actually broke new ground with the vulnerability there or is it still within the grounds of her “Glinda Taylor” persona?

It’s funny you say in “I have never not thought about Taylor swift” that you’re going to be thinking abt her for the rest of your life, because I’m going to be thinking about YOUR THOUGHTS about her for the rest of mine lmao. So thank you….. I think 💀

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